5 Steps You Should Do Before Hiring a Paving Company

5 Steps You Should Do Before Hiring a Paving Company

Potholes and fissures in the driveway are eyesores. They’re unattractive and could even cause potential dangers like someone tripping over it or damaging your car’s tires. And yes, you have probably thought of having it repaired or even replaced, but the cost it takes to do that will require you to spend that money you’ve been saving for a gift to your wife or yourself, or maybe it’s for a trip you’ve been wanting to go. You desperately want to get it fixed, but you want to be careful about spending your hard-earned cash too.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that you will help you know what to check before hiring a paving contractor.

  • Know what type of driveway suits your needs and budget.

Every homeowner has different needs, preferences and of course, working budget. Taking the time to know what type of material you’ll want to install will help you narrow down your list and qualify the right driveway contractor for your home. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert. Just research on the essentials such as the cost, the properties of the material, and its lifespan. Perhaps, it also pays to learn a bit more of the procedures of paving a driveway so you’ll know if these guys are following local standards and regulations.

  1. Prepare a list of options and narrow down your list.

Search for local paving companies in your area and prepare a list which you can narrow down later on as you identify and match contractors that meet your requirements.

A word of advice is to not only use the price point as the primary metric for including someone on your list. Sometimes, the cheapest contractors were able to provide a lower price point by cutting corners. Some might use substandard or lesser amounts of asphalt or concrete which will ultimately sabotage your driveway’s structure. Repairing or installing a driveway can cost a lot of money, but remember that choosing an unqualified contractor because they offer a lower quote will be much more expensive in the long run as you spend more on repairs or in worse cases, a full replacement.

  1. Verify your contractor’s credentials.

Before signing that contract, evaluate your contractor first. Check their credentials and read their reviews. If you have a peer that has had a pleasant experience with the company is usually a good sign of their performance and service. Also, ask for quotes from various contractors before settling for one. Here are some of the details that you should verify besides asking for a price quote.

  • Are they licensed and insured?

Ask for the contractor’s license information and verify it. This will assure you that they are following industry standards and regulations. Apart from the license information, check if they have insurance coverage for their workers. Sometimes accidents happen so be sure that they are insured so you know you’re also protected.

  • How long have they been in the business?

Sometimes it’s also good to consider how long the contractor has been in the business because most often than not, they have more experience and could be more skillful in handling paving projects in your local area. Remember that, different paving materials and techniques vary depending on the climate in your locale so experience matters. Nevertheless, this doesn’t automatically mean they will do a good job so make sure to ask other relevant questions and look for trusted references.

  • Do they have the right tools, equipment, and people?

To be able to pave a driveway that is at par with industry standards and quality, your paving contractor should have the right tools, equipment, and a number of skilled people to do the work. Typically, a crew of 6-8 people is necessary to execute a paving job.

Specialized equipment used in paving costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and some might not have this resource. Having the right equipment is an important factor in making sure you’re with a top-notch contractor because the equipment ensures that asphalt is laid quickly and properly because asphalt dries fast so the equipment makes sure this process is done thoroughly well.

  1. Review the contract well.

Always ask for a contract before you begin so you know what to expect. Read it thoroughly particularly the coverage, the scope of work and the terms of payment. Sealing the project with a contract where you have both agreed upon will set your expectations and help avoid potential disputes in the future. Other questions that you should ask in the contract are:

  • Is there a warranty?
  • Is the payment term reasonable?
  1. Never accept doorknockers.

This last one is more of a tip rather than a “to-do”. Never accept people knocking on your door offering to pave your driveway for less than the average market price. A reputable company will not suddenly knock on your door and make an offer. It is either a scam or if it isn’t, the results will be far from satisfactory because they’ll most probably use excess asphalt which has already cooled down which would not make a durable and lasting driveway.

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