7 Easy Ways to Update Any Room in Your Home

Are things looking shabby, but not in a chic way? It might be time for a refresh. It can seem overwhelming to makeover a room, but we’re here to make it easy. A couple updates can go a long way in revitalizing a home. Create rooms that inspire you. If you’ve kept the same layout since N*SYNC was on the charts, you’re ready for a change. Read on for simple updates that you can use for any room.

Revive the Room with a Rug


One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate a room is by adding an area rug. Rugs bring in color, style, and design. You can go a couple different routes. Choose a statement rug to be the focal point of the room, or choose a subtle, elegant rug that will highlight the furnishings in the space. Switching up textures can change the mood of the room. A natural, organic material like sisal or jute can create a soothing atmosphere, while a wool rug may enhance the cozy vibes of the room. If you have a rug already and still want to use it, give the look some oomph by layering with an additional rug. The different textures will create depth to the room. Area rugs in the right size are a stylish solution for almost any room in the house: living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, hallways, and even the outdoors.

Get out the Paintbrush


A fresh coat of paint makes everything look brand new. For a dramatic change, you could of course paint the whole room. If you aren’t up to that sort of commitment, try an accent wall. A bold-colored wall is a stylish statement and will transform the room from drab to fab. Paint isn’t just for the walls either. A chipped or old-looking mirror or chair can look like an on-trend piece in a different color. Try a clean white to modernize. You could also use paint as an opportunity to bring in an exciting color to a home accent, such as a fire engine red, lime, turquoise, or hot pink. Upcycle with pieces you already have, or thrift to find a hidden gem.

Make it New with Knobs

If your furniture is looking dated, new knobs will give it a facelift. This will save you from buying all new furniture, and there are YouTube tutorials that can show you how to do it yourself. Check out what’s on-trend or find a style that speaks to you. Knobs can be replaced on kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, or bedroom doors. You’ll feel good about doing something new and keeping within your budget at the same time.

Update the Lighting

Changing up the lighting will make a room look different. For novelty, switch the personality of your light shades or fixtures. For example, if they are currently black, try a neutral or rattan. If you have had metal for years, try glass. Architectural chandeliers or pendant light fixtures add unique flair and a ton of personality. Don’t forget the variety of lighting placement available to you. Besides overhead lighting, you can change the room’s appearance with a floor lamp or table lamp. Often these illuminated accessories bring in lovely warm tones to the room. Beyond lamps, candles always add luxury everywhere from the living room to the bathroom.


Sick of your “Live, Laugh, Love” piece every time you walk through the door? Swapping or adding artwork is an easy and fun way to perk up a room. You also have the power to decide how long you want it up and when you feel like a change again. If you have existing artwork you love, class it up with an upgraded frame. Try changing the positioning for a whole new look. For example, creating a gallery wall with additional pieces. Remember, you don’t need to splurge on a Picasso to add your artistic touch. Frame a map or book pages for a vintage appeal that won’t break the bank.

Plant Life

Greenery is sometimes forgotten when planning out a room, but they add color, shape, and character. Plants make a room feel welcoming and refreshes the space. Hanging plants can fill in a bare upper corner and make a room interesting. Use plant cuttings and small vases to create accents around the home. If you think you have a black thumb, try succulents. They’re a little less maintenance, but they offer unique shape and style. Like Miley Cyrus reminds us, you can buy yourself flowers. A colorful display adds so much beauty into the space. Try grocery stores or the farmer’s market for inexpensive finds. Decorate shelving, a coffee table, or entryway table with simple, pretty bouquets.

Rearrange the Furniture

You’ll love this one if you’re on a budget. Rearranging your furniture costs zero dollars. Look at Pinterest photos for inspiration on a new layout. Maybe try a couple feng shui techniques to give the room a new flow. Another way to change the look of a room is by switching furniture from one room to another. For example, you might be bored about a bookcase in the living room, but maybe it will create an intriguing dynamic in a bedroom. Change out the shelf display by swapping out some books with a vase or artwork. Allow more negative space, or try arranging your books in rainbow order for a cool visual effect.
Change is a good thing. In a home, it will make you feel more creative and see things from a fresh perspective. Wake up a room with new color, shape, texture, or placement. Try a couple of these ideas to get started.

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