Tips for RV Sleeping When You Have Kids

RV Sleeping When You Have Kids

Getting kids to sleep can be a real challenge when you’re at home and they aren’t all amped up to be traveling. But when you’re all in an RV, it can seem nearly impossible. You might be tempted to let them stay up until they fall asleep where they land, but that’s going to compromise your own sleep, even if you’ve replaced your standard RV mattress with the top RV mattress in Canada. These tips for RV sleeping when you have kids will make all your journeys better.

The Same Place Every Night

Just as you do at home, create consistent sleep spaces for each child in your RV. This will reduce confusion at bedtime and ensure each child knows where they should be when it’s time to settle down and hit the hay. Depending on how many kids you have, you can consider rotating the sleep locations if there’s one that’s more popular than others, but be sure you have a schedule and stick to it.

Use Designated Linens

When each child has their own designated linens, it makes bedtime a little more fun. Plus, you don’t have to spend precious minutes looking for enough bedding for everyone each night. Your kids will know which linens are theirs, be able to grab them quickly, and get settled in their sleeping spot without much help from you. Make sure the linens are easily identifiable for even the youngest child and ensure they are very different from each other so there is no confusion come bedtime.

Mimic Your Home Bedtime Routine

As much as possible, stick to your home routine in the RV at bedtime. If your home routine consists of getting dressed for bed, brushing teeth, reading a story, and singing a song, then it should consist of those very same components in the RV. Of course, things might take a little longer because of the tiny bathroom, but the consistency of when things happen and in what order will go a long way in settling down your children when it’s time to sleep.

Set and Stick to a Bedtime

This might be the hardest tip of them all to follow. When you’re on an RV trip, it’s easy to let things like a set bedtime go by the wayside. However, it’s just as important for kids to go to sleep at the same time every night when you’re on the road as it is when you’re at home. Kids thrive on consistency and if you want to avoid meltdowns the next day, setting and sticking to a bedtime is critical. You can make it slightly later if you want, but it should be at the same time every night, as much as possible.

Consider Blackout Shades

The lights at commercial campgrounds can be difficult for children to block out and if you have really little kids, getting them to sleep when the sun is still up in the summer can be next to impossible. Blackout shades or curtains can help with both of these scenarios.


Above all, keep in mind that sleeping with kids in an RV isn’t going to be exactly like home. But, if you follow these tips, you can come close to recreating that special time every night.

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