Where Do the Rich Live in Denver?

The capital of Colorado, Denver, offers more than just simple amenities to its residents. With a variety of people from different cultures living here, you can have different experiences every day. One of the major things that makes this place even greater is the mountain lines surrounding the place. As a result, locals can enjoy their time skiing on the mountain slopes or spend a dreamy night on the outskirt.

But good things cost much. As usual, apartments and other housing units in Denver cost higher than the national average. Lots of people are arriving here every year. Among them are many skilled engineers looking for jobs. In the process of paying them with high salaries, the rental rate increases. Denver luxury apartments and houses cost around 3.32 times higher than the average national rate. If you want to have much information on Denver’s richest places, read below-

Cherry Creek

When it comes to the wealthiest neighborhoods in Denver, Cherry Creek will come to the top. The place is full of rich people. Residents here have an average income of $124,277. This is a lot higher than most other neighborhoods in the city. With only an unemployed rate of 3.5%, the place holds a population of 6,586. But does that cost come for nothing? Not really.

The place holds epic spas, community centers, schools, and universities with innovative teaching systems, advanced healthcare, and many more. The diners in this place offer highly delicious foods with mouthwatering drinks.


University, as a neighborhood, is great. But the main greatness of this place is the University of Denver situated here. It’s a popular university in the state. Thanks to it, the neighborhood has seen a population of 17,164 up to now. While the cost of living here is lower than Cherry Creek, it still is 46% higher than the national average.

You can find studio apartments and one to three-bedroom apartments around the campus area. But they, of course, are pretty expensive. North of Englewood, University also delivers mountain views, shopping complexes, and a good picnic park.

Washington Park

Also known as Wash Park, this is a neighborhood that specializes in providing natural beauty. The amazing thing about this place is that most of the ground here is covered with grass. But that’s not all. The two flower gardens are always brimming with picturesque flowers. Meanwhile, the two lakes deliver a mind-blowing scene. Suitable for families, the neighborhood got a population of 14,825, where most of them are rich.

Most of the apartments and housing units here cost much. Whether you want to buy some groceries or just some power tools, you will have to spend so much. The cost of living here is around 26% higher than the median Denver.


Even though these neighborhoods have some expensive lifestyles, which may not be affordable for middle-class families, the amenities and services are all top-class. These places have some fine natural beauty with lavish halls and centers. All these attract riches around the state. As a result, their prices get higher every year.

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