7 Things You Need for Modern Holiday Decor


The lovely decorations are one of the best aspects of the holidays. While many of us have ornaments passed down, others look for ways to put a more modern spin on this year’s celebration. Read on for seven things you absolutely need for your modern holiday decor.

Christmas Centerpieces Your Family Will Love

What would holiday decor be without a centerpiece to draw everyone’s attention? You can easily find a ready-made centerpiece for your table in a store, but if you’re looking for something specific, you might have to get creative. You can make a centerpiece with anything from mirrors to pinecones or clay. It doesn’t have to be expensive — it can just be a few simple decor alterations. What’s best is that you can create it as a family and reuse the same design each year.

Set A Festive Table This Holiday Season

Set A Festive Table This Holiday Season

Make the meal feel extra special by setting a festive table! Your table will likely be one of the first things your guests see, and it can make them feel welcome and excited about the day. To get a great-looking table, keep it simple and fresh. After all, you want the decor to stay out of the way of your food. If you’re serving a seated meal, put out placemats at each setting for easy cleanup. An elegant set of tapered candles can be the final touch of cheer.

Sign Designed By Radikal Neon®
Sign Designed By Radikal Neon®

Light Up Your Holiday Party With Neon Lighting

Lighting is essential for creating ambiance at any party, and the holidays are no exception. However, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on an elaborate Christmas light setup. Incorporating some extra glow through festive LED neon lights is an easy way to make your decor feel festive and modern! Immerse your guests in the holiday spirit with an illuminating seasonal LED sign from Radikal Neon®. You can add some flair with a customized sign or a fun Christmas tree or candy cane — or, with their online neon sign builder, any design you want. As a bonus, neon lights are easy to pack away after the festivities!

Music Inspires Your Holiday Party

Have you ever been to a social gathering and felt like something was missing? Perhaps it was a lack of music. Music sets the mood for events, so it’s essential to have some festive tunes playing in the background. Ask your guests to add their favorite holiday songs to the holiday party playlist. Is anyone talented at playing an instrument? Some soft acoustic music is a fantastic way to bring an intimate, personal touch to traditional holiday carols.

Holiday Home Fragrances Will Bring You Joy

Did you know that pleasant scents can reduce stress? While the holidays are a time of excitement, they’re also a source of stress for many people. Making your house smell delightful is a simple way to reduce some of that stress. A fresh-baked batch of cookies or a simmering stovetop potpourri made with oranges, cinnamon, and cloves make your home feel inviting. Candles have an ambiance and scent and come in lots of festive smells, like pine

Modern Christmas Decor Using Natural Materials

Handmade decorations might feel traditional, but you can make them festive and modern. Choose a specific theme or color pattern for your homemade decor to keep things contemporary. Focus on using natural items, like fresh fruits, pine cones, and pine boughs. Paper snowflakes and colorful lights make things extra merry and bright.

Greet Your Guests At The Door

Greet Your Guests At The Door

Besides a welcome mat, nothing says “Come on in!” like a cheerful wreath on the front door. There are plenty of modern options for front door decor, including garlands made of wood or tied bows. Unlike a natural pine wreath, these offer a contemporary look that will last year after year. Many styles are available in-store or make your own incorporating a favorite holiday song lyric or your family name.

The holidays are a great time to reflect on the year that has just ended and what lies ahead. As you do so, try picking up a few new, contemporary ways to decorate your home and give it a fresh look. Incorporate fragrant pine boughs and a fun LED neon sign from Radikal Neon® to host a holiday that is both modern and fits your personality.

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