Let’s Talk Window Treatments: Some Things To Consider When Purchasing The Right Ones For Your Home

There are so many options when it comes to window treatments. You could choose from drapes, shades, blinds. Not to mention the various styles, designs and textures within those categories. Window Treatments are for almost every setting and decor. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that works for your space.

Whist technically speaking, blinds have slats and shades are typically made from fabric, there can be a bit of overlap within the terminology and people shopping for either tend to use the words interchangeably. Both styles offer what one would consider a minimalist look, only covering the window opening but providing plenty of coverage. They allow for light control as well as privacy with the pull of a cord (unless, of course you’re opting for a motorization option)

Some popular styles are roller shades which have a very clean and tailored look, bamboo blinds which add a natural, earthy and textured look, venetian blinds for those wanting to still see the view and then roman shades that combine the softness of drapes and the functionality of shades. Typically you would have to have some of these, like roman shades, custom made, it will always be worth it, without a doubt.

You’ll usually find blinds and shades in neutral tones and whites but recently we’re seeing more and more people lean towards more colorful and expressive colors and patterns.

When choosing a set of blinds or shades, the first thing you would want to consider doing is measuring the width of your window. Either the distance within the frame if this how you think you would want them to hang or the distance from one outside edge of the trim to the other so that they end up covering the woodwork when unfurled.

You’ll find that some shades and blinds come in a standard width but depending on where you get yours from, you will be able to have them custom tailored to fit your window perfectly. It really is worth it when deciding to go custom and depending on the company you go with, you should be getting the best value for your money in the long run. You want your shades and blinds to last you a very long time, so it should make sense to spend a little more.

On the other hand you’ve got curtains which offer a more traditional window treatment look, providing an even greater opportunity to add some height, color, texture to your space. Depending on the type of curtains you go for, you’ll most likely have to hang them from a curtain rod. We recommend placing it as close to the ceiling as possible to heighten the feel of the room. The important measurement when it comes to curtains and drapery is the length as opposed to the width. You want to add some height to your room, making the space look more attractive. You can have your curtains just kissing floor or you can have them longer, for that pooling romantic look. Longer length will always give off a more dramatic feel. However, it’s totally up to you and you can use your own judgement to estimate where your curtains should cut off. In the opinion of many interior decorators, if you can’t decide, opt for longer as opposed to shorter, sometimes the shorter length gives the impression that your curtains are victims of an unfortunate haircut and that’s not something you would want.

With so many options, it can be a little overwhelming deciding on what window treatments to buy for you home. One piece of advice is to pay a little extra where you can and get some expert advice from a professional like a interior designer or sales employee who knows the product you’re considering buying. A little help and guidance goes a long way!

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