Here are the best kitchen improvement projects to tackle this spring

Spring is the season of renewal. As neighborhoods thaw out after another long, cold winter, homeowners are going to start taking full advantage of rising daytime highs to start working on their homes again. It’s time for spring cleaning and home improvement projects. A+ Construction & Remodeling is one of the leading companies in remodeling homes.

Now that the holidays are behind us and you’ve soldiered through another year with your kitchen, it’s time to start thinking about ways to make it a better space for you and your family. In this article, we’ll review several kitchen improvement projects that will help reinvent your kitchen and how you use it.

Take on a full remodel

Have a lot of changes you want to make to your kitchen? Now’s the perfect time to kick off a mid-range kitchen remodel. Afte

r all, why settle for half-measures when you can substantially transform your kitchen into something exciting and new?

Countertops & Cabinets

Start with your countertops and cabinets. You’re going to want to invest about half of your total remodeling budget into these two aspects alone. Look for high-quality materials that fit the overall style you’re going for in your kitchen. For your cabinets, this means investing in real wood construction—don’t settle for cabinets made from particleboard or other substitutes. You have choices here. Make sure the door style, color, and size of your cabinets matches what you’re envisioning.


Is your tile looking a little beat-up? It might be time for a change. Replace your old kitchen tile or linoleum with a more modern tile or vinyl floor. Faux-wood tile and vinyl is really popular right now: laid like wood floor planks, this style of flooring is designed to emulate the warmth and coziness of hardwood floors without the cost and maintenance involved with installing real wood.

Make smart improvements

Maybe a full kitchen remodel isn’t in the cards right now. Don’t worry: there’s still a lot you can do to improve and reinvigorate your kitchen this spring.


Start with lighting. If your kitchen has either harsh fluorescent lighting or dim bulb lighting, it’s going to impact how you perceive your kitchen—and your mood while you’re cooking, baking, and cleaning. Transform your kitchen by installing canned lights in the ceiling, which will help modernize the space. Supplement this light with under-cabinet lighting. These light strips, once installed, will provide ample light for food prep while also drawing the eye to your countertops.


The right tile backsplash can help modernize your kitchen, bringing in some visual flair that connects the countertops and cabinets. Of course, a backsplash also has a practical purpose: it protects your walls from food splatter and messes. Subway tile is especially popular right now, but don’t be afraid to go with something unique, so long as it matches the style of the rest of your kitchen.


It wouldn’t be spring if we didn’t talk about adding some greenery to your kitchen. If yours has natural light, this is a perfect opportunity to bring in some new houseplants. You don’t necessarily have to clutter up your countertops with plants, either. Hanging plants from your ceiling is relatively easy, and can make your kitchen feel much more fresh and alive.

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