So Floored! Top Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Though it is one of the most important spaces in the house, proper kitchen design is often overlooked, and it is done up without much thought for both functionality and aesthetics. However, the right kitchen interior design can make the space appear larger and make it more utilitarian than it ever was.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, we suggest that you start with the floors. The floor is often neglected in kitchen design but it provides a high amount of utility. This is how you can proceed with kitchen interior design for your floor:

* Hardness is key

kitchen tiles

Porcelain flooring tiles are the best options for your kitchen floor. They are fired at extremely high temperatures, which makes them really hard and resistant to wear and tear over a long period of time. Though it is a variant of the common ceramic tile, it is more durable and also offers higher stain resistance than other tiles. You can even try stone kitchen tiles or concrete tiles, though these may wear faster with frequent water spillage.

* Check out the texture

Check out the texture

You don’t want a super-smooth glazed kitchen floor, though it may fit well with your overall kitchen design with its polished surfaces. A highly polished floor will make you prone to falls and slips if there is water spillage. A smooth floor also offers a high level of transparency, so you may not always be able to spot a spillage. Instead, get a slightly rougher texture but which is easy to clean as well.

* Get the right color

kitchen design color

The floor in your kitchen décor provides not just a functional use, but an aesthetic one as well. If your kitchen is visually part of the living room, where you do not have a separate demarcation for it with a partitioned wall, then you may use the same tiling as the living room. However, you can choose to differentiate the kitchen space with contrast tiling. Another decorating idea for the kitchen is to have a slightly elevated floor to demarcate it as a separate space.

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* Absorbency and ease of cleaning:

ease of cleaning

You cannot pick a porous material like marble for your kitchen design, even if it looks magnificent. Marble tends to absorb liquids, so there will be multicolored spots all over the floor after a while. Also, any porous tile will absorb cleaning soap and water as well. Your kitchen interior design must incorporate hard tiling that is easy to clean as well. It should dry rapidly and not leave any water streaks behind. Also, it must not stain easily when food or beverages fall on it.

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