Luxury Bathroom Ideas for 2019

When the world is evolving constantly, why should our bathrooms lag behind? While we are working towards betterment in all aspects of our life and we update all these aspects on a regular basis, our bathrooms shouldn’t be spaces that are ignored. A good bathroom can help you let go of all your stress and tension as you dive into the luxurious feel of it. Not to forget that as we grow and evolve, our definition, as well as the standard of luxury, evolves with us too. This means that we must give our bathroom the makeover it requires so that we can experience relaxation and rejuvenation in a way that we deserve it. Following are some luxury bathroom ideas for 2019 that you can look out for while designing a luxury bathroom and along with that, an exotic experience for yourself. Read on!

  1. Technology Meets Nature

Technology Meets Nature

Technology and nature might seem poles apart when we equate it in the context of how we know it. But when technology works together with nature, wonderful experiences take shape. The current trend in the bathroom design industry is seeking to bring nature and natural experiences closer to you by the means of your bathroom. Nature has, for long, connected us to the domains of relaxation and rejuvenation but owing to the urban living and our packed schedule, we are not able to experience the joys of nature very often. Technology is here to change that by recreating the beautiful natural experiences right at the comfort of your home. For instance, Queo’s amazing range of Luxury shower heads lend you the liberty to recreate natural showers including thunderous rain showers, pristine waterfalls and jet streams that will take your breath away.

  1. Bathrooms As Intersection Of Other Aspects Of You

Bathrooms As Intersection Of Other Aspects Of You

The modern bathroom is not just a space that you take a bath in. The chaos of the modern world has led us to experience a lot of anxiety and stress which is why we seek to clean and purify not just our bodies but also our souls when we get into the shower to take a bath. We then require something that would wash off our worries in the bathroom. This can happen only when we let other things that we love intermingle with our bathing routine. La Musique by Queo does just that because it adds music to your bathing routine. Recent researches have highlighted the impact of music on mental health and how it promotes relaxation. The musical showerhead lets you enjoy your shower while grooving to your favorite tunes.

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  1. Accessorize All The Way

Accessorize All The Way

Since the modern bathrooms are not just spaces to bathe in but provide an overall experience of indulgence, luxury bathroom accessories are the best possible way to achieve that. Accessorizing is taking over the bathroom design industry like nothing else is. Apart from the basic bathware, people are also looking into the additional accessorizing options including plants, paintings, lamps, lighting and the like. As for the bathware, various different textures, patterns. You can find Luxury bathware fittings & products in various textures, shapes, sizes and patterns on Queo. These products are sure to brighten up the entire look and the feel of your bathroom.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We are in an age where every product is being equipped with artificial intelligence. This is not just making our tasks easier and the experience better but is also giving us the liberty to control everything with just a touch. Discover Queo’s range of smart products that give you the freedom to operate everything in your bathroom with touch or voice control. With superior control, there also comes a greater scope of customization. You can now set the exact temperature of the water you are comfortable with, the direction of the flow of water and much more. All these joys come to you with the installation of the Smart Tap by Queo.

With these features and additions, bathing will not just be a ritual but will turn into an indulgence of its own kind. Bathing experiences will never be the same anymore. You can now experience utmost luxury right at the comfort of your home because well, you deserve it. Let your bathroom make its way into the ongoing trend of upgradation. Your bathrooms should not be left behind. With the wand of imagination and a little help from Queo, you can make yourself an amazing bathroom that you will love to be in. While remodeling your bathroom, if you notice leaks in your pipes behind the walls, you need to fix it urgently. It is important to address these problems as soon as possible, because this damage can build up over time in the drywall and framing. Moisture combined with a warm climate only leads to more problems. Contact a professional to solve this bathroom plumbing issue.

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